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    Agre, Phil
    Arguing about privacy
        Privacy is not secrecy
    Alexander, Jeffrey
    Physical versus `intellectual' efficiency
        Bottlenecks can serve positive purposes
    Barnes, Sue
    Stirrups and social change
        Joining man and steed into a fighting organism
    What Turkle misses
        Virtual lives are not separate from real lives
    Baum, Jiri
    Arthur C. Clarke's Palador and Net consciousness
        `An intellect more powerful than any other in the Universe'
    We need to exercise the body as well as the mind
        Dancing may be the answer
    Of dancing, painting, gardening
    Bauwens, Michel
    Luciferian revolt or Electric Gaia?
        How optimists and pessimists look at the Net
    Another concurrence about LCD displays
    Beiter, David
    On clearing up computer displays
        Computer text can be easier reading than paper
    Bell, Don
    They used to kill bison
        20th-century technology has not made us less sensitive
    Ben-Avraham, Joel
    Bigotry and openness on the Net
        The lines between "us" and "them" get blurred
    Benedikt, Claire
    What separates a Postman from a Negroponte?
    Brooks, Candi
    The ultimate pen pal club
        Linguistic excursions on the Net
    Caprariis, Pascal de
    Economics, not technology, is the problem
        That phone answering system again
    Carlson, Dick
    Kill the droids.  Up with the machines
        Human operators can be the biggest pain
    Cox, Henry G. 
    Problems with Nonstandardized Phone Answering Systems
        This user needs a cheat sheet
    Davidson, Clyde
    Spirituality and the Net
        Information is not the basis of our fundamental inner choices
    Davis, Dave
    A further note about the stirrup
    Davis, Don
    Luddites and technicians keep society in balance
        Both are necessary
    DeGroff, Leslie
    The enemies of the profound word
        But time will resolve much of the problem of quality
    Net debates and true believers
        Check out Eric Hoffer's books
    Eads, P.
    Commercial databases and your phone number
        The unapproachability of Yahoo
    Faller, Peter
    The Net does not limit our options
        Neither is the computer a threat
    Fischbein, Mike
    Only worthwhile products of technology survive
        Technology does not