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                Technology and Human Responsibility for the Future
    Issue #25      Copyright 1996 O'Reilly & Associates         August 6, 1996
                Editor:  Stephen L. Talbott (stevet@netfuture.org)
                         On the Web: http://netfuture.org
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    *** Editor's note
    *** Prejudice and the Net (John S. Morris)
          What is not tested is not remedied
    *** CRTs, eye strain, and meditation states (Kevin Jones)
          Jerry Mander had it right when talking about television
    *** Noxious advertising (Bill Meacham)
          How do we escape the sickness?
    *** Teachers must train students for available jobs (Tom Zmudzinski)
          Opportunities to decide the nature of tomorrow's jobs are few
    *** The importance of context for emergent Net patterns (Reg Harbeck)
          Laissez faire, or a conscientious, persistent vigilance?
    *** How do we cultivate responsibility in cyberspace? (Marnie Webb)
          We fail badly enough in physical space
    *** Forgetting ourselves has a long history (Brad McCormick)
          It is better viewed as a need for self-discovery
    *** Bank loan officer and software don't differ much (Carl Wittnebert)
          The undeniable vitality of an impersonal logic
    *** Is your CRT or your environment the problem? (Nicholas Kushmerick)
          Flat-panel displays are often used in relaxing places
    *** CRT or noise? (Peter Marks)
    *** Of LCD displays and HardRAM (Jeff Gulliford)
          They're easier on eyes and psyche
    *** On clearing up computer displays (David Beiter)
          Computer text can be easier reading than paper
    *** Another concurrence about LCD displays (Michel Bauwens)
    *** The joys of crossing out text (Michael Kerwan)
    *** The computer is just a tool (Michael Smith)
          It does not impoverish the activities it mediates
    *** Computer does not necessarily impoverish reality (Chung-Chieh Shan)
          Or else painting, too, alienates us from reality
    *** We need to exercise the body as well as the mind (Jiri Baum)
          Dancing may be the answer
    *** Dancing does not balance our thinking (Val Setzer)
          A live thinking is required
    *** Of dancing, painting, gardening (Jiri Baum)
    *** The computer as a fence (Frank Prince)
          Good fences make good neighbors
    *** Spirituality and the Net (Clyde Davidson)
          Information is not the basis of our fundamental inner choices
    *** Physical versus `intellectual' efficiency (Jeffrey Alexander)
          Bottlenecks can serve positive purposes
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    *** Editor's note