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    Issue No. 3                                                January 4, 1996
    SPIDER OR FLY? -- $5000 competition
        Preliminary announcement
    Editor's note
        Homing in on the topics of netfuture
    Do subscriber numbers matter?  (Michael Legeros)
        A brief conversation
    The Internet as terminator  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        There is no technological fix for prejudice
    Our lives have become a series of addictions  (Dale Lehman)
        Computers are not the only dangerous tools
    Economics, not technology, is the problem  (Pascal de Caprariis)
        That phone answering system again
    Kill the droids.  Up with the machines  (Dick Carlson)
        Human operators can be the biggest pain
    Problems with Nonstandardized Phone Answering Systems  (Henry G.  Cox)
        This user needs a cheat sheet
    The complexities of technological determination  (Doug Johnson)
        We don't control everything and we don't control nothing
    The ultimate pen pal club  (Candi Brooks)
        Linguistic excursions on the Net
    Issue No. 4                                               January 15, 1996
    Editor's note
        We're making progress
    Homogenizing global society  (J. David Stanton, Jr.)
        How long can that pen pal club offer a taste of different cultures?
    Don't try to control technology; adapt  (Christopher D. Frankonis)
        Avoiding cultural chauvinism
    Bigotry and openness on the Net  (Joel Ben-Avraham)
        The lines between 
    Prejudice on the Internet  (Mark Grundy)
        Freedom and a whiff of danger
    Basement Wiring:  More Metaphors for the Infobahn  (Robert Richardson)
        An unsettling vision from downstairs
    Editor's apology to Dick Carlson
        There are layers of meaning in every message
    Liberation and oppression on the Net  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        Who is the big, bad wolf?
    SPIDER OR FLY? -- $500 writing competition
        Are we masters of the Web, or trapped in it?
    An addition to the NETFUTURE guidelines
        Keep your submission focused
    Issue No. 5                                               January 25, 1996
    Editor's note
        You can help
    SPIDER OR FLY? -- $5000 writing contest
        Are we masters of the Web or trapped in it?
    FAQ:  Computerized technology and human responsibility  (Stephen L. Talbott)