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    Issue No. 3                                                January 4, 1996
    SPIDER OR FLY? -- $5000 competition
        Preliminary announcement
    Editor's note
        Homing in on the topics of netfuture
    Do subscriber numbers matter?  (Michael Legeros)
        A brief conversation
    The Internet as terminator  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        There is no technological fix for prejudice
    Our lives have become a series of addictions  (Dale Lehman)
        Computers are not the only dangerous tools
    Economics, not technology, is the problem  (Pascal de Caprariis)
        That phone answering system again
    Kill the droids.  Up with the machines  (Dick Carlson)
        Human operators can be the biggest pain
    Problems with Nonstandardized Phone Answering Systems  (Henry G.  Cox)
        This user needs a cheat sheet
    The complexities of technological determination  (Doug Johnson)
        We don't control everything and we don't control nothing
    The ultimate pen pal club  (Candi Brooks)
        Linguistic excursions on the Net
    Issue No. 4                                               January 15, 1996
    Editor's note
        We're making progress
    Homogenizing global society  (J. David Stanton, Jr.)
        How long can that pen pal club offer a taste of different cultures?
    Don't try to control technology; adapt  (Christopher D. Frankonis)
        Avoiding cultural chauvinism
    Bigotry and openness on the Net  (Joel Ben-Avraham)
        The lines between 
    Prejudice on the Internet  (Mark Grundy)
        Freedom and a whiff of danger
    Basement Wiring:  More Metaphors for the Infobahn  (Robert Richardson)
        An unsettling vision from downstairs
    Editor's apology to Dick Carlson
        There are layers of meaning in every message
    Liberation and oppression on the Net  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        Who is the big, bad wolf?
    SPIDER OR FLY? -- $500 writing competition
        Are we masters of the Web, or trapped in it?
    An addition to the NETFUTURE guidelines
        Keep your submission focused
    Issue No. 5                                               January 25, 1996
    Editor's note
        You can help
    SPIDER OR FLY? -- $5000 writing contest
        Are we masters of the Web or trapped in it?
    FAQ:  Computerized technology and human responsibility  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        A non-canonical exercise
    Issue No. 6                                               February 6, 1996
    Editor's note
    WWW or MMM?  The Specter of Multi-media Mediocrity
        A Web pioneer asks:  Can the flood of cyber junk be halted?
    Flamers as guardians of the Net's purity
        An absurd view receives an absurd reinforcement
    A quick guide to the politics of cyberspace  (Richard Sclove)
        What are the cyberlibertarians missing?
    Laying Rubber, Flame Wars, and Responsibility  (Carl Wittnebert)
        In defense of traditional virtues
    I feel fine  (Scott Lopatin)
        The migration to a higher self has started
    The limits of adaptation and mastery  (Christopher Frankonis)
        How much responsibility do we bear for the technological future?
    The Internet and the Soviet collapse  (Michael Kudryashev)
        Soap operas would have been more effective
    Issue No. 7                                              February 14, 1996
    Eating spam in the House and Senate
        But our representatives are fighting back
    Declaration of mindlessness in cyberspace
        Is the Net the current drug of choice?
    Committing ourselves to tinkerers  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        When emptiness rules
    A quick guide to the politics of cyberspace, pt. 2  (Richard Sclove)
        The cybernetic Wal-Mart effect and other concerns
    Web chaos and personal responsibility  (Dale Lehman)
        The real problem is dehumanization
    Sour grapes from Mr. Ciolek  (Chris Howard)
        The web may compare favorably to TV and newspapers
    Going with the flow  (Kevin Jessup)
        From Luddite to Extropian
    Soft speech on the Net  (Carl Wittnebert)
        The transforming potential of restraint
    Monks consecrate cyberspace  (Eleanor Wynn)
        Monastery participates in `24 Hours in Cyberspace'
    It may be too late  (John Thienes)
        NETFUTURE is a contrary zephyr in an arctic gale
    Issue No. 8                                              February 26, 1996
    A nineteenth-century man confronts the computer  (Peter Quince)
        `I glorify silence in front of my low-tech coal fire'
    Communications technology and the magic of relationship  (Mark Grundy)
        Grandmother can speak through any medium
    A quick guide to the politics of cyberspace, pt. 3  (Richard Sclove)
        The Net and democracy
    They used to kill bison  (Don Bell)
        20th-century technology has not made us less sensitive
    The enemies of the profound word  (Leslie DeGroff)
        But time will resolve much of the problem of quality
    Ballad of the spider and the fly  (Gandalf Parker)
        Now what was I looking for?
    Issue No. 9                                                 March 11, 1996
    Editor's note
    Communes, the Net, and self-governance  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        A minor reflection upon the Virtual Magistrate Project
    Flying or falling through cyberspace?  (Mark Jost)
        By what standard do we judge online realities?
    Peter Quince's contradiction  (Sean Shapira)
        The dangers of absolutism
    When face-to-face is the only way  (Kevin Tucker)
        But I feel better anyway
    Mr. Quince, change happens  (Kent Quirk)
        The soul is *in* the machine
    In (partial) defense of Peter Quince  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        Let's have both freedom and realism
    Can the `End of Education' Be `Life on the Screen'?  (Lowell Monke)
        Review of books by Turkle and Postman
    Issue No. 10                                                March 19, 1996
    Editor's note
    Cyberhate in Canada
        The end of prejudice?
    The Net, or Huckleberry Finn?
        Billions of dollars on one side; can we find 30 sec. on the other?
    Spider or fly?  Wrong question  (Marco de Vivo)
        I surf; therefore I am
    A quick guide to the politics of cyberspace, pt. 4  (Richard Sclove)
        Of activism and individual responsibility
    The future does not belong to Walter Mitty  (Christopher M. Stahnke)
        Technology and the need to feed our spirits
    The Internet is for adults  (Bob Schmidt)
        Leave children out of it
    The Net does not cause psychic fragmentation  (Christopher Frankonis)
        Although it may amplify it
    Do computers benefit education?  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        A new paradigm needs more than glamor
    Issue No. 11                                                March 21, 1996
    Editor's note
    Discussions here have been intellectually vacuous  (Alain Henon)
        This leads to a danger of political extremism
    The Net does not limit our options  (Peter Faller)
        Neither is the computer a threat
    What is the criterion for human contact?  (Carl Wittnebert)
        Cyberspace is a place for mutual trust
    Only worthwhile products of technology survive  (Mike Fischbein)
        Technology does not constrain our options, but increases them
    There is no natural world left  (David Petraitis)
        The world is as we make it
    Net debates and true believers  (Leslie DeGroff)
        Check out Eric Hoffer's books
    Issue No. 12                                                March 26, 1996
    Editor's note
        NETFUTURE now has two indexes
    The tool's threat lies in our unawareness  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        Give ambiguity and complexity their due
    Every tool is an obstacle  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        Computer critics need not worship books
    Issue No. 13                                                March 28, 1996
    Editor's note
    Stirrups and social change  (Sue Barnes)
        Joining man and steed into a fighting organism
    Damn the computers  (Kevin Jones)
        A long-time user's lament
    Issue No. 14                                                 April 2, 1996
    Editor's note
    A hunger for the natural world
        An interesting report from \*CPublisher's Weekly\*c
    What Turkle misses  (Sue Barnes)
        Virtual lives are not separate from real lives
    It's simple Kevin: don't upgrade  (Siddhartha Mukherjee)
        Successful employee resistance has occurred
    Luddites and technicians keep society in balance  (Don Davis)
        Both are necessary
    What separates a Postman from a Negroponte?  (Claire Benedikt)
    Metaphysics underlies technology debates  (Christopher Stahnke)
        Western culture has repressed certain aspects of the human being
    I, too, am starting to worry  (Kirk McElhearn)
        A vision of neo-luddites in caves
    We relate to technology as to an archetype  (Kevin Jones)
        A technological shaman within the male psyche?
    A further note about the stirrup  (Dave Davis)
    Issue No. 15                                                April 11, 1996
    Editor's note
        Redefining NETFUTURE
    A child's world  (David Hakala)
        This child knows his own priorities
    A quick guide to the politics of cyberspace, pt. 5  (Richard Sclove)
        An activist's hope for the future
    Dealing reasonably with cyberhate  (Rob Slade)
        How important are the kooks?
    Advertising and the pressure to upgrade  (Mike Fischbein)
        The relation between computers and bell-bottoms
    Issue No. 16                                                April 22, 1996
    talk.netfuture?  (Sebastian Mendler)
    Linking minds and machines
        Note on a speech by Frederick Brooks, and a comment
    An American philosopher and Internet chat groups
        Collective action and community are different things
    Web called 'ultimate act of intellectual colonialism'
        It's English or nothing
    Are the spiders crawling down your back?  (Kirk McElhearn)
        Alta Vista shivers
    There is no planned obsolescence of software  (Chris Howard)
        Is the editor a conspiracy theorist?
    Hardware vs. software upgrades: different issues  (Mike Fischbein)
        We don't know how to make reliable software
    Issue No. 17                                                April 25, 1996
    Arthur C. Clarke's Palador and Net consciousness  (Jiri Baum)
        `An intellect more powerful than any other in the Universe'
    Speeding toward meaninglessness  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        Why time-saving devices don't save time
    Issue No. 18                                                April 30, 1996
    Editor's note
    Tyranny of the 21st century
        How to get education backwards
    `Saving' time, money, and physical resources  (Jeff Wright)
        From dishwashers to nuclear power plants
    Search engines bring our skeletons out of the closet  (Matt Midboe)
        And it's a good thing:  no more vain pretense
    Commercial databases and your phone number  (P. Eads)
        The unapproachability of Yahoo
    Note about Tarthang Tulku, Tibetan lama  (Carl Wittnebert)
        Do straitened minds compensate with mystical hopes?
    Luciferian revolt or Electric Gaia?  (Michel Bauwens)
        How optimists and pessimists look at the Net
    Higher consciousness or abdication of responsibility?  (Don Porter)
        Mystical hopes are without foundation
    The web and the hunger for higher consciousness  (Randy Hinrichs)
        We don't clearly understand what the web is doing
    Erratum re: the creatures of Palador
    Issue No. 19                                                  May 16, 1996
    Editor's note
    High-tech and productivity
        Are we seeing renewed productivity or a last gasp?
    Masculine transcendentalism
        When the physical world melts away
    Computers at school:  the web and the plow  (Lowell Monke)
        Reckoning with the costs of technology
    Issue No. 20                                                  June 4, 1996
    Editor's note
    Technology's recoil
        A note from Thoreau
        Seeking a heart beyond technology
    The illusion of online efficiency  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        There is only one exit from the technological arms race
    Issue No. 21                                                 June 18, 1996
    Are LCD displays kinder to the soul?  (Bill Meacham)
        CRTs leave me frazzled and flat
    The reckless refreshment of writing on a notepad  (Erik Ray)
        Will a typewriter be next?
    On writing with pencil and paper  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        A few little tricks
    Computers are used more carelessly than typewriters  (Mike Fischbein)
        Some practical advice
    Efficiency vs. effectiveness of the Net  (Mike Fischbein)
        There's also the problem of error
    Automation has undoubtedly boosted productivity  (Carl Wittnebert)
        Many jobs are at risk
    Metaphors about technology are of little use  (Stan Kulikowski)
        Too much data is better than data selected by others
    The Net isn't an encyclopedia  (Clive Thompson)
        Teachers must learn about the Net by using it themselves
    Technology and education: clashing philosophies  (Lowell Monke)
        We need to get down to first principles
    Issue No. 22                                                 June 20, 1996
    Editor's note
    An antidote to computer-thinking  (Valdemar W. Setzer)
        Cultivate the arts
    The future of freedom  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        Technological determinism is an ambiguous affair
    Issue No. 23                                                  July 5, 1996
    Forgetting ourselves in the age of automatons  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        Does the Internet have a future?
    Issue No. 24                                                 July 23, 1996
    Editor's note
    Will advertising keep the Net free?  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        Our continuing experiment in social destruction
    Death of a gyppo  (Robert Leo Heilman)
        Logging as an art
    Issue No. 25                                                August 6, 1996
    Editor's note
    Prejudice and the Net  (John S. Morris)
        What is not tested is not remedied
    CRTs, eye strain, and meditation states  (Kevin Jones)
        Jerry Mander had it right when talking about television
    Noxious advertising  (Bill Meacham)
        How do we escape the sickness?
    Teachers must train students for available jobs  (Tom Zmudzinski)
        Opportunities to decide the nature of tomorrow's jobs are few
    The importance of context for emergent Net patterns  (Reg Harbeck)
        Laissez faire, or a conscientious, persistent vigilance?
    How do we cultivate responsibility in cyberspace?  (Marnie Webb)
        We fail badly enough in physical space
    Forgetting ourselves has a long history  (Brad McCormick)
        It is better viewed as a need for self-discovery
    Bank loan officer and software don't differ much  (Carl Wittnebert)
        The undeniable vitality of an impersonal logic
    Is your CRT or your environment the problem?  (Nicholas Kushmerick)
        Flat-panel displays are often used in relaxing places
    CRT or noise?  (Peter Marks)
    Of LCD displays and HardRAM  (Jeff Gulliford)
        They're easier on eyes and psyche
    On clearing up computer displays  (David Beiter)
        Computer text can be easier reading than paper
    Another concurrence about LCD displays  (Michel Bauwens)
    The joys of crossing out text  (Michael Kerwan)
    The computer is just a tool  (Michael Smith)
        It does not impoverish the activities it mediates
    Computer does not necessarily impoverish reality  (Chung-Chieh Shan)
        Or else painting, too, alienates us from reality
    We need to exercise the body as well as the mind  (Jiri Baum)
        Dancing may be the answer
    Dancing does not balance our thinking  (Val Setzer)
        A live thinking is required
    Of dancing, painting, gardening  (Jiri Baum)
    The computer as a fence  (Frank Prince)
        Good fences make good neighbors
    Spirituality and the Net  (Clyde Davidson)
        Information is not the basis of our fundamental inner choices
    Physical versus `intellectual' efficiency  (Jeffrey Alexander)
        Bottlenecks can serve positive purposes
    Issue No. 26                                               August 17, 1996
    Editor's note
    Of computers, both electronic and social  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        What do `computing girls' have to do with high technology?
    The Placeless, Neighborless Realm  (Tom Jay)
        Does English have a future?
    Issue No. 27                                            September 10, 1996
    Editor's note
    Feeling stupid  (Paul Griffin)
        The web as a space of disconnection and projection
    Issue No. 28                                            September 25, 1996
    Editor's note
    Privacy in an age of data  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        The quest for anonymity spells the end of privacy
    Issue No. 29                                              October 17, 1996
    Editor's note
    Privacy in an age of data (part 2)  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        The balance between public spaces and private places
    Issue No. 30                                              October 24, 1996
    Editor's note
        Death Software
        Interactive Couch Potatoes
    Privacy in an age of data (part 3)  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        Conviction-driven versus data-driven transactions
    Issue No. 31                                              November 5, 1996
    Editor's note
    The trouble with genetic engineering  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        Towards a science of the whole organism
    Issue No. 32                                             November 10, 1996
    Editor's note
        Locking Ourselves in to Standards
        The Net As Centralizing Force
    Arguing about privacy  (Phil Agre)
        Privacy is not secrecy
    Response to Agre  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        A healthy private sphere requires a healthy public sphere
    Issue No. 33                                             November 19, 1996
    Editor's notes
        You Are the Network
        Networks of Convenience
    Beyond ecophobia  (David Sobel)
        How to teach children a love of the environment
    Issue No. 34                                             November 25, 1996
    Quotes and Provocations
        How Long Before Reality Sets In?
        Technology As Religion
    Is *Wired* a New Age Journal?  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        And other impressions of some recent issues
    Issue No. 35                                              December 5, 1996
    Quotes and Provocations
        Beyond Surfing
        Software Meltdown in the Year 2000?
        Sex on the Internet
    Imprisoning Criminals in Software  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        Where are the deepest risks of intelligent technology?
    Issue No. 36                                             December 19, 1996
    Quotes and Provocations
        Classroom Revolutions
        Net Politics
        The Net and Perdition
    Gildered Dreams  (Stephen L. Talbott)
        Do too many corporate banquets kill off neurons?
    Indiscretions  (Frank Willison)
        At least it meant something to Hester Prynne; all-knowing machines
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