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Issue #178            October 21, 2009
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Editor's Note
Form and Color in the Animal Kingdom (Stephen L. Talbott)
      A report on some ground-breaking, non-Darwinian research findings
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Need a break from the lengthy and rather technical articles dealing with genetics? This issue, then, is for you. In it I try to summarize some striking research results from two scientists working in entirely different fields. One of them, after many years studying the patterns of bird plumage, has published some of his conclusions in a major journal of bird studies. The other is one of the world's leading dinosaur experts. Between the two of them they raise such profound questions about the adequacy of Darwinian orthodoxy that it may at first be hard to take in the significance of their findings. But don't deny yourself the adventure.

This article first appeared in The Nature Institute's hardcopy publication, In Context (although I have now considerably revised the opening section). I normally make a point of not republishing such pieces in NetFuture. But in this case the article felt so perfectly targeted for the NetFuture readership that I couldn't hold it back. I hope you enjoy it.

And one other thing. That same issue of In Context contained some reflections on historically changing notions of evolution, written by my colleague, Craig Holdrege, and entitled "Evolution Evolving". Here's a link to the article.


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