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Issue # 176            May 28, 2009
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Editor's Note
The Chromosome in Nuclear Space (Stephen L. Talbott)
      On Making the Genome Whole (Part 2)
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In this Part 2 of a series I again delve into some technical detail, but this time in an effort to catch a little bit of the form and movement, the dynamism, of genetic and epigenetic processes. I well realize that the material in this series will present a challenge to many readers. The presentation is both denser and lengthier than normal for NetFuture. I've been motivated to produce these articles by the awareness that epochal changes in biology are underway, and that the popular media have so far grossly failed to give the public any realistic feel for what is happening. A reasonably detailed and generally accessible summary of the ongoing, highly technical research needs to be available somewhere.

The readership for such material may be rather more limited than for the general run of NetFutures, but I consider this readership extremely important. And you can help me out in one regard: if you find these articles of use, please drop me a line to let me know. I will also welcome any suggestions for improvement.

I am currently expecting that there will be a total of four articles tracing some of the current research relating to epigenetics and gene regulation. These will be followed by attempts to draw out the significance of the work for biology, for science in general, and for the controversial notion of "holism". I do believe we are headed toward a revision of the scientific outlook that may be the equal of any of the great "paradigm shifts" of the past — this despite the fact that penetrating discussi