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                        Technology and Human Responsibility
    Issue #139                                                December 3, 2002
                     A Publication of The Nature Institute
              Editor:  Stephen L. Talbott (stevet@netfuture.org)
                      On the Web: http://www.netfuture.org/
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    Can we take responsibility for technology, or must we sleepwalk
    in submission to its inevitabilities?  NetFuture is a voice for
    responsibility.  It depends on the generosity of those who support
    its goals.  To make a contribution, click here.
    Editor's Note
    Disconnect? (Kevin Kelly and Stephen L. Talbott)
       Of software porting, the third eye, and C3PO
       Steve, Please Go Back to Being Who You Were (Jon Alexander)
    About this newsletter
                                  EDITOR'S NOTE
    For reasons you will recognize as you read this issue, publishing it does
    not exactly give me a sense of great success.
    Meanwhile, however, three items of interest:
    ** We've posted to our website a wonderful paper by The Nature Institute's
       affiliate researcher, philosopher Ron Brady.  It's entitled
       "Perception: Connections Between Art and Science", and deals with the
       human contribution to the perceptual world -- a contribution occurring
       at a much more fundamental level than is usually acknowledged.  You'll
       find this paper at
    ** A while back I received a large and weighty package in the mail with
       "Kevin Kelly" as the return address.  I eagerly opened it and found
       myself the recipient of a complimentary copy of Kevin's new book,
       Asia Grace.  It's quite a remarkable book, full of glorious
       photographs Kevin took when, as a college-aged kid, he traveled through
       Asia.  Apart from enabling you to marvel at the world's record for
       pounds of book per words of text (can't be far from one pound per
       word), the volume will give you many hours of lush enjoyment.  You can
       preview and purchase the book at www.asiagrace.com.
    ** If you didn't see my previous warning, please correct all links to
       NetFuture pages.  The part of your url reading like either of these:
       should now read:
       The old links (of which many remain) are now out of date, and before
       long will be "Not Found".
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                        Kevin Kelly and Stephen L. Talbott
                         (kk@kk.org; stevet@netfuture.org)
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