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    Issue No. 116                                             January 11, 2001
    Table of Contents
    Quotes and Provocations
        Growing Potatoes in the Ivory Tower
    Factory-farmed Pigs: Further Thoughts  (Douglas Sloan)
        It's Not the Media; It's the World
        Computer Game Stereotypes May Be Wrong
        Response to Jeff Dieffenbach
        Negativity Is Better Than False Positivity
        The Dangers of Undue Modesty
        Technology for People with Disabilities
        One Positive Solution: Home Schooling
        It's Time to Articulate a Vision
        The Positives and Negatives of Technology
        NetFuture May Prove a Victim of Its Own Success
        An Effort to Teach Children about Technology
    Issue No. 117                                             February 1, 2001
    Table of Contents
    On Forgetting to Wear Boots  (Steve Talbott)
        NetFuture Gives Me Hope
        How Important Is Animal Suffering?
        Do We Need Less Modesty--or More Self-understanding?
        As Gods, We Are Powerless and Confused
        Response to Goldhaber and Wishard
        John Gage, Computers, and Malaria
    Issue No. 118                                                March 1, 2001
    Table of Contents
        Lowell Monke's New Book
        On Activism and an Open Mind
    Water, Energy, and Global Warming  (Michael D'Aleo and Stephen Edelglass)
    Tech Knowledge Revue  (Langdon Winner)
        Ravel at Camphill
        Don't Mistake Power for God
        Animal Cruelty Is Related to Violence among Humans
        Sources for Alternative Meats
    Announcements and Resources
        Two Technology-criticism Web Sites
    Issue No. 119                                               March 27, 2