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    Issue #85      A Publication of The Nature Institute     February 25, 1999
                Editor:  Stephen L. Talbott (stevet@netfuture.org)
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    Editor's Note
    Quotes and Provocations
       A Recipe for Calamity
       Consumer Manipulation Made Easy
       Finding Ourselves in Silence
       The Blessings of a Hurricane
    I'm Glad the Net `Corrodes' My Culture (Marcelo Rinesi)
       I prefer cyberspace to Corrientes
    Who Are We Without Our Technologies? (Muktha Jost)
       Culture connects us with timeless questions
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                             QUOTES AND PROVOCATIONS
    A Recipe for Calamity
    By next year Monsanto reportedly expects 100% of the U.S. soybean crop to
    be genetically engineered (and, incidentally, produced by a 100% monopoly
    -- Monsanto).  Other crops such as cotton, corn, potatoes, and tomatoes
    are rapidly headed in the same transgenic direction.
    Which raises an interesting question.  Remember how the Mad Cow scare
    resulted in the slaughter of the United Kingdom's cattle?  But those
    cattle were nothing compared to all the food products resulting from
    genetically engineered crops.  (You'll find yourself hard put to identify
    many foods in your kitchen without soybean derivatives or soy oil, corn,