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                        Technology and Human Responsibility
    Issue #79      A Publication of The Nature Institute      October 27, 1998
                Editor:  Stephen L. Talbott (stevet@netfuture.org)
                         On the Web: http://netfuture.org
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    Editor's Note
    Quotes and Provocations
       On Selling Educational Software
       Do They Have Television on Mars?
       Finding Wholeness in a Pile of Manure
    Letter from Des Moines (Lowell Monke)
       Why Information is Not Enough: Tales from a high school computer lab
       College as a Cover for Grade School Failure (Dan Lyke)
       What the Objectors to Distance Education Ignore (Peter Denning)
       On Activism and the Credential Wars (Bruce A. Metcalf)
    Words Past and Present
       Conquering time, space, and labor
    About this newsletter
                        ** From the NETFUTURE Archives **
       "Nobody sees the stars now .... Though observatories are multiplied,
            the heavens receive very little attention.  The naked eye
                may easily see farther than the armed.  It depends
           on who looks through it.  No superior telescope to this has
           been invented.  In those big ones the recoil is equal to the
                 force of the discharge."  (Henry David Thoreau)
                             (For an updated context,
                        see "Words Past and Present" below.)
                                  EDITOR'S NOTE
    I have again managed to coax Lowell Monke away from his high school
    advanced technology classroom, and away from the finishing touches he's
    putting on his Ph.D., long enough to give us another "Letter from Des
    Moines".  Fortunately, we'll be favored with a series of trenchant
    commentaries from Lowell in coming issues, all seasoned with his immensely
    sane wisdom and tales from his daily experiences with kids and machines.
    After many years in high school education, Lowell hopes to make a
    transition next fall to a college setting, where he can use his rich
    experience and his "Foundations of Education" doctoral work to help other
    teachers find their way amid the tremendous political, social, and
    commercial pressures brought to bear on the school classroom today.
    If I had the resources, I'd hire Lowell to work for NETFUTURE.  As it is,
    some college is going to be very fortunate.
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                             QUOTES AND PROVOCATIONS
    On Selling Educational Software
    Dr. Jane Healy, in her new book, Fail