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                Technology and Human Responsibility for the Future
    Issue #1       Copyright 1996 O'Reilly & Associates      December 14, 1995
                Editor:  Stephen L. Talbott (stevet@netfuture.org)
                         On the Web: http://netfuture.org
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    *** Call for participation, ideas, and links
          What does it mean to be responsible for technology?
    *** The Phenomenology of Computing:  Two Tales from the Net
          What the computer-human interface experts don't talk about
    *** The Fundamental Deceit of Technology (Stephen L. Talbott)
          Don't Expect Phone Answering Systems To Become Friendlier

    *** Call for participation, ideas, and links

    Yes, you are a responsible citizen of cyberspace. You don't send email bombs, engage in sexual harassment, dig through other people's private files, or willfully disrupt and destroy discussion groups. On the positive side, perhaps you even take seriously the advice (not heard as often as a few years ago!) to treat newcomers kindly, share your ideas freely for the common good, and cultivate some sort of global consciousness, whatever that means.

    But are there concerns and responsibilities, perhaps even more urgent than these, yet less present to mind?

    How interested in such issues is the larger Net community? It is difficult to know. Send us your thoughts, suggestions, and references. We look forward to your participation in this wide-open exploration of the boundaries of human responsibility in the presence of the ubiquitous machinery of our lives.

    Beginning with the next issue, we will post a monthly set of guidelines for contributors. For now, just consider that anything goes (maybe)! In any case, do not consider this first, "artificial" issue representative.

    The netfuture archives will be part of a larger "Technology and Human Responsibility" resource area served from the O'Reilly & Associates Web site. This resource area is in early planning st